The Immune system is controlled by a specific set of regulatory and effector elements that have to be finely and constantly tuned to maintain its homeostasis throughout the longevity.  ‘Immunity’ encompasses active processes to protect against internal and/or external threaten such infection. As the counterpart of immunity, immune system develop exquisite mechanism, known as ‘Tolerance’, which actively induce a state of unresponsiveness of the immune system to various substance that have the capacity to elicit immune responses.

     The balance between these distinct immune compartments, called ‘Immunological homeostasis’, is exquisitely retained in a healthy individual and the breakdown of this symmetry can trigger inflammation driving much human pathology and disease, including autoimmune diseases, cancer and, potentially, neurodevelopmental disorders. Accordingly, we are very interested in uncovering novel mechanisms controlling function and development of immune cells, and how the failure of these mechanisms lead to the development and progression and inflammatory disorders.  Specifically, we aim to identify host- (especially immune and neuronal) and bacteria-factors that affect immunological homeostasis in normal and diseases condition and, eventually, to apply these to help with the treatment of human inflammatory disorders such as autoimmunity, cancer, and neurodevelopmental disorders.

                                            Highly motivated students and postdoctoral candidates are encouraged to apply!!
                                                         If interested, send an email to aspirationpassion@gmail.com