Juli Choi
Research professor at Institute of Immunological disease

Juli Choi obtained her Ph.D in neuroscience at Ewha Wumans University (2017). For her Ph.D, she studied beneficial effect of hyperoxygeneation environment on depression and Alzheimer’s disease mouse model under the supervision of Prof. Pyung-Lim Han. Until 2019, she carried out doctoral training in same laboratory and demonstrated the enhanced neurogenesis mechanism after hyperoxygenation through BDNF signaling mediated by MeCP2/p-CREB action. 

Juli has interest in exploring mechanism of psychiatric diseases, depression, Alzheimer, and autism at the view of not only neuroscience also immunology.

Juli was selected as a recipient of Ph.D fellowship by National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) (2018-2019) and she joined Kwon’s laboratory in 2019.