3. Maternal immune activation and its impact on children’s health and immunity

Normal pregnancy involves an elevated inflammatory state, both systemically in the mother and in the placenta. However, various environmental and genetic factors can further increase in inflammation, during the pregnancy as with maternal infection, can lead not only loss of fetus but also the permanent scar on their children’s health and immune system which might act as the one of a potent determining factor for their future diseases susceptibility. We are pretty interested in 1. Which danger factors including stress bacterial/viral infection, autoimmunity, and allergy/asthma can induce specific types of maternal immune activation (MIA). 2. How do specific types of MIA affect the function of specific types of immune populations? 3. What are the impacts of immunological change in offspring up MIA for the development and progression of the certain type of inflammatory disorders including autoimmune disorders, cancer, and neuro-developmental disorders? Moreover, our results may reveal novel therapeutic strategies to prevent inflammation–associated disorders.