1.  Probiotics composition for preventing or treating Th1 types immune disorders, Ho-Keun Kwon and Sin-Hyeog Im, 10-2008-0027564, Registered, Korea

2.  Probiotics compotision for preventing or treating Th2 types immune disorders. Ho-Keun Kwon and Sin-Hyeog Im, 10-2008-0027563, Registered, Korea

3.  Development of transcript factor Ets1 as a therapeutic target of atopic dermatitis. Ho-Keun Kwon and Sin-Hyeog Im. 010-0107795, Registered, Korea

4. The composition comprising extract of cinnamomum Cassia Bark for improving normal flora and enhancing immune response. Byoung-Sub Ko, Won-Kyoung Jeon, Young-Eun Kim, Sin-Hyeog Im, Ho-Keun Kwon, Ji-Sun Hwang and Dae- Young Kwon. Registered in USA (11916189), China (200680036238.3), Japan (100065215) and Korea (10-0842053).