1.  전사인자 및 결합단백질의 결합을 조절하는 제제를 포함하는 자가면역질환 진단용 조성물 (Composition for diagnosing autoimmune diseases, comprising an agent for regulating the binding of transcription factors and binding proteins), 2022

2. WNK3 억제제를 유효성분으로 포함하는 면역관문 억제용 조성물 (A Composition for Immune Checkpoint Inhibition Comprising a WNK3 Inhibitor as an Active Ingredient), 2021

3. Probiotics composition for preventing or treating Th1 types immune disorders, Ho-Keun Kwon and Sin-Hyeog Im, 10-2008-0027564, Registered, Korea

4.  Probiotics compotision for preventing or treating Th2 types immune disorders. Ho-Keun Kwon and Sin-Hyeog Im, 10-2008-0027563, Registered, Korea

5.  Development of transcript factor Ets1 as a therapeutic target of atopic dermatitis. Ho-Keun Kwon and Sin-Hyeog Im. 010-0107795, Registered, Korea

6. The composition comprising extract of cinnamomum Cassia Bark for improving normal flora and enhancing immune response. Byoung-Sub Ko, Won-Kyoung Jeon, Young-Eun Kim, Sin-Hyeog Im, Ho-Keun Kwon, Ji-Sun Hwang and Dae- Young Kwon. Registered in USA (11916189), China (200680036238.3), Japan (100065215) and Korea (10-0842053).